Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Missy........

Missy would have been 43 years old today....

Funny how I remember her birthday every year.  Maybe because it's

one of my best friends' birthday as well.

Missy came to us from a litter born from my uncle's dog.

Our first pick was a male, but he was too hyper and we traded

him in for one of his female litter mates. She blended perfectly

and became a member of our family for 14 1/2 years.

A mutt in the very best sense of the word, she was a companion,

guardian, playmate and clown.

Her was a good girl. Yes her am was.

Little dogs leave big holes.


  1. So sweet. I had a 6 lb pom for 13 years. She was black which was appropriate because she was my constant shadow. I still miss her curled up right beside me. She didn't care for my lap, but stuck like glue to my side whenever I sat down. I taught her at a very early age to fall over "dead" when I pointed my finger gun at her and said "bang bang". She was my aweet Bonnie.

  2. Beautiful. And, yes....they leave big holes in our lives. I have a "canyon" in mine.

  3. Amen. Love the quote...Little dogs leave big holes.