Monday, June 2, 2014

I remember when..........

Memory is a quirky thing....

As I have written about before, my oldest brother is now in the ever tightening grip

 of dementia, and we lost our Mom and my mother in law to the "long goodbye"...

But I'm now talkin' about the memory of a typical baby of the boom.

I've compared notes with others in the "Club", and there are some common themes.

Forgettin' why we walked into a room, or where we left our 7th pair of reading

glasses, or what we were just talkin' about...This stuff happens to all of us.

Have you ever tried to remember what shirt you were wearing, while you were

wearing it, and without peeking? Good luck with that.

But, we love to regale the young folks with tales of the old days.

And I'll bet that such recollections go back to the first generation gap.

"Grak!!!  When I was your age rocks hadn't even been invented yet!!!..."

I vividly remember paying 24.9 cents for a gallon of gas.

I watch their eyes as I tell them of paying $180 per month for a two bedroom

townhouse apartment, with an electric bill of maybe 15 bucks.

Mention a movie I saw in the 70's and I can tell you the name of the

girl I begged to go see it with me.

I can remember conversations and tones of voice.

Or when "I" was my Dad's TV remote control and he wanted me to

change the channel to one of the other two.

And the young folks roll their eyes.

Just like the future young will do when today's young relate how they "Used to pay

only $3.59 for a gallon of gas!!!"...

I wonder what the kids of the kids of the kids of the kids of today

will be rollin' their eyes about???...

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