Thursday, June 5, 2014

No sense waitin' til the last minute......

Part of the deal with being happily married is that you remind your mate about stuff.

So, this morning when Marianne seemed very frustrated about forgettin' something,

I offered my brain.

"Well, I can remember two of the things, but I can't remember the third one!!!"

"What are you trying to remember? Stuff we need at the grocery?

Things we need to do around the house? Things that I might do that would

make me appear somewhat useful???..."

"No! Things you can get me for Christmas!!!"

(Please insert approximately 7 seconds of stunned silence here)

"But, it's June 5th...", I replied with no meaningful effect.

"You can get me some Shalimar perfume, just because it used to be my

favorite.....And a pair of tickets to see "WICKED" at the DPAC, and......

Doggone it! I can't think of the third thing!!!"

If history tells us anything, it's that she WILL remember what Item #3 is.

And that I will forget the Shalimar...

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