Monday, June 9, 2014

Poolside ponderings.......

"Why are you lookin' at me, Poppy?", asked grandson Mason as he played in

the pool today...

"I'm just lookin' at you and wonderin' what you're gonna be when you grow up."

I flashed back to his age when I wanted to play third for the Baltimore Orioles.

When I was a kid I went through all kinds of  "when I grow up" scenarios.

Fireman, policeman, astronaut, FBI agent, Secret Service agent, soldier.

It wasn't until late in high school that I started to seriously consider radio

broadcasting.  Once I got to college and got involved with the campus radio

station, the hook was set.

"Mason, I was wonderin' what sports you'll play and what job you're gonna do,


"I'm not gonna play any sports, and for a job I wanna be a 'Home Daddy'"...

"What's a 'Home Daddy'???"

"I want to stay home and play with my kids."

"Well, that's great, but how are you gonna earn any money doin' that?"

"I guess when I need some money, I'll just find something to do that will

pay me something."

"Ahhhhhh....but then who will watch the kids?"


"Hey Poppy! Have you seen the movie "Daddy Daycare"??

So........this is what inspired his noble quest.

"No, I haven't..."

"A guy gets kicked in the weenie!!!"  He squealed with delight.

He hasn't learned that it's not quite that funny in real life.

And he'll learn soon enough that that happens in every job.

At least figuratively....

Good chat today, Mason...

I'll remind you of it one day down the road...

When you're playing third for the Baltimore Orioles...

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