Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Done too soon..."

I felt the need to sweat today, and I picked the perfect day for it.

Late morning found me atop our trusty and rusty Craftsman ridin' mower.

18 horses, 6 speeds and an alleged 42" wide path of grass cuttin' goodness

with the temperature hovering near 90...

That was followed by getting behind a push mower for the trim work.

I do some good thinkin' on and behind those machines. At least, I think

it's good thinkin'...

As the sweat poured off of me, I heard in my mind's ear the Neil Diamond

song, "Done Too Soon"... Check out the lyrics...

                                                                  "Done Too Soon"

Jesus Christ, Fanny Brice
Wolfie Mozart and Humphrey Bogart
And Genghis Khan
And on to H. G. Wells

Ho Chi Minh, Gunga Din
Henry Luce and John Wilkes Booth
And Alexanders King and Graham Bell

Ramar Krishna, Mama Whistler
Patrice Lumumba and Russ Colombo
Karl and Chico Marx
Albert Camus,

E. A. Poe, Henri Rousseau
Sholom Aleichem and Caryl Chessman
Alan Freed and Buster Keaton too

And each one there
Has one thing shared
They have sweated beneath the same sun
Looked up in wonder at the same moon
And wept when it was all done
For bein' done too soon
For bein' done too soon
For bein' done

I thought of my ancestors...Those I knew and those that I know nothing

about...I thought of those famous and infamous in history.  All the way

back to Adam and Eve.  And the things we all have and had in common.

Today I sweated beneath the same sun.

Tonight I looked up in wonder at the same moon. 

And I suppose that one day I'll weep for it all being done too soon.

But, I ain't done yet...

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