Saturday, June 21, 2014

First day of summer........

I love summer. I embrace it. I don't have "Bad Hair Days".

The beach. The mountains. Home. Doesn't matter.

Lots of friends are at the coast this weekend.

A couple are in Asheville.

Two more are in Ireland.

Family vacations create treasured memories.

"You're gonna have fun whether you want to or not!!!"

Please allow me to pass along some advice that my Dad

gave Marianne and me years ago. Keep in mind that Dad was a "cash only"


He said, "Before you go on vacation, make a pile of the money

you plan on taking. And another pile of the clothes you plan on

taking. Then.....double the money pile and take away half the clothes.

You should be about right."

Experience has told me that he was spot on when it came to the money.

My wife has told me that he was wrong when it came to the clothes.  ;-)

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