Friday, June 13, 2014


I pretty much knew what to expect.

Dinner and a show...

I was part of a 7 member pizza party this evening,

and I was the only "guy" part.

Six women, including my bride, and me.

The first time our waiter approached and asked if we were ready to order,

I just stared at him and said to him telepathically, "Seriously?"

Second attempt.  Same response.

The third time was the charm, and drink and dinner orders were made.

Then the REAL conversations began.

Topics included....

Bees, the color pink, drunks, kids, travel and the size of their cellphones.

(all were bigger than mine. Good thing I'm not too insecure...)

Also a brilliant impression by a very Southern Belle of an even more

Southern Belle. (I could almost hear Christopher Walken say, "Needs

more Southern Belle...")

I swear to you that these 6 ladies were carrying on 36 conversations


It's probably a clue why they always win an argument with their husbands.

In a "one on one" conversation, we haven't got a chance...

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