Wednesday, June 11, 2014

There oughta be a law......

OK......Three things have been buggin' me today...

Minor things, certainly. Hardly important in the giant

scheme of things.  But, I've got some spare time on my hands,

so here goes.

Number 1: People who abbreviate words to sound "cool".  Now,

we all shorten some words. Sayin' "Not a prob" makes total sense to me.

The same with "What's the diff?"  The one that I'm hearin' a lot recently

is "vacay"...As in, "We're going on VACAY next week. When are you

going on VACAY???"

Just sounds.......weird. Like you need to have your pinkie extended

when you say it....

I want so much to respond, "You're going on VACAY? That's FANTASS!!!"

Number 2: Doorbells on TV shows/commercials.  Here's the way it

rolls out.  We're watching TV....There's a scene where someone rings a door bell.

BOTH OF OUR DOGS GO BALLISTIC. Clawed paws trying to dig

into tile, hardwoods and carpet....And MY pulse hits 200. And I drop my cookie.

Number 3: Scented samples of cologne/perfume in magazines hidden behind

a sticky fold in the page. Earlier today I peeled 'em all back in the latest

issue of Men's Health magazine.

The assault on my sense of smell was overpowering.

I discovered that they all smell like a stinky magazine.

And I found out that a paper cut to the nose hurts a LOT.

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