Thursday, June 12, 2014

Early Father's Day present.....

I'm not a big beer drinker. I'm only 5'9".

I do enjoy tryin' out craft beers and microbrews, especially porters

and stouts. I've convinced myself that the darker a beer is,

the better it is for me. I'm positive that I could Google

that opinion and discover some confirmation from a

porter and stout lovin' doctor somewhere. (Who is probably

a bit portly and stout himself...)

Today my bride presented me with an early Father's Day gift

of a six pack.  But, not of beer.

A six pack of.........reading glasses.

I already have a pair on my nightstand, in my office, by my chair

in the den, a pair that I carry when I go out...

Note: A couple of these are missing stems and/or a lens.

I even have two pairs of sunglasses in my car, each with readers

built in. What a concept!  Brilliant idea.

I have the same deal with a coupla pairs of shooting glasses that

I use at the range....And two pairs of safety glasses for yardwork

complete with "cheaters"...

Soooooooo.....that gives me........

15 pairs of glasses that assist with my "close up" vision.

They are a necessary part of my life now...

I'm glad I have 'em...

And I don't miss the beer goggles of my youth....

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