Sunday, February 8, 2015

A day with the Coach....

I don't remember the day in great detail.

I was playing golf on Pinehurst #4, an absolute gem.

The sky was a vivid Carolina blue.

Only fitting, as my playing partner was Dean Smith.

Since the news broke this morning of his passing, I've

been trying to bring him back in my mind.

Here's the big stuff of what I remember of those five

hours we spent together.

He was a competitor, and took great joy in telling me about being

the golf coach at the Air Force Academy.

He was patient. Especially with me, as I was a three putting machine.

He was gracious to all he met, and he met a lot of guys that day.

He had a good sense of humor. (Reference my putting comment)

He did not cuss. I don't remember a single four letter word.

He was first class. All the way.

Rest In Peace, Coach.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The truth in the tooth...

Our grandson Mason lost another tooth the other day.

Our daughter/his Mom posted on Facebook...

"I get the joy of playing Tooth Fairy tonight. Magic."

Yes it is.

Yes it was.

I thought back to maybe 25 years ago.

There was a loose tooth in the house.

We had a "Tooth Fairy" art figure, and as each new day began,

Jessica would find her a little closer to her bedroom.

Eventually, her tooth escaped her mouth and was carefully put in

a little pouch, and placed under her pillow.

In the morning there was money.

The scenario plays out, generation after generation.

And in it's playing out, our kids hopefully realize the magic

we experienced with them.

They should also get a glimpse of the fact that what they

feel for their kids, is what we feel for them.