Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tooth Fairy....

The Tooth Fairy has it relatively easy.

No elves to manage. No toys to build.  No lists to make

and check twice. No vet bills for reindeer.

The Tooth Fairy needs two things.

A lotta cash.  And the ability to be super sneaky.

The cash is a bit tricky because there are a lot of

international currencies that have to be carried.

And the ability to swap out a tooth that's under the pillow

that's under the head of a hyper-vigalant kid is beyond

a superpower.

Granted, the Tooth Fairy probably has to travel the globe

every night, but doesn't have to visit every kid.

Our grandson Mason lost his second tooth earlier today.

No doubt he'll wake up tomorrow a bit richer.

Another advantage of youth. Lose something and get paid for it.

If only there were a Hair Fairy...

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