Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I tease women about their shoes. I like to ask how many pairs they own.

That's when the rationalization starts.

"Well, not counting sandals..."

"Well, not counting workout shoes..."

"Well, not counting the ones that are comfortable..."

I have a confession to make.

As women are with shoes, I am with watches.

I own, uh.........let's say.......under 20.

I know that many people don't wear them anymore.

After all, your cell phone accurately gives you the time.

But for me, some of my watches aren't about time.

I still have my stainless steel Seiko automatic. It was my first

Christmas bonus from my first boss at the first radio station

I worked at in Petersburg, Va. The year was 1973.

Another is a Swiss Army commemorating the 25th Duke Children's

Classic, and reminds me of the kids there and the special place

they hold in my heart.

A Victorinox Swiss Army watch was a gift from Marianne just

six days before Christmas in 2008.  The significance is personal.

Trust me, it's a biggie. And the watch itself is a tank. It's the

"500M" Model, meaning it'll work at depths up to 500 meters.

I can work up to 2 meters.

I have a Fossil watch with the NCAA Championship logo on the

face of it.  Marianne and I were given "his and hers" models on

the occasion of my leaving radio. I'm not gonna drop names

here, but the guy who gave them to us noted that "Now you

two can be on the same time..."  The watch reminds me of the

very special friends I've made along the way.

And finally, a leather strapped Rolex that was presented to me

at my farewell brunch when I left Capitol Broadcasting in

March 2013.  It reminds me of that almost 40 year roller coaster

ride in radio and the immensely talented people that I had the honor

to learn from.

So for me, my watches tell me more than the time.

They tell me of my times...

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