Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Motorcycles, movies and memories.....

Perhaps I'm too boring to have had a mid-life crisis.

I tend to be a bit thrifty as well.

Years ago Marianne told me that if I ever felt the need

to choose between a Mustang convertible and a blonde,

to choose the blonde, because "you're such a cheap date,

you'll save us money!!!"

Over the past few years a good number of my friends have

acquired motorcycles. Big Harleys. The kinds that give your insides a sonic

massage when they start 'em up. I'm happy for 'em. I really am.

But for me, every time I see my friends on their bikes, I see

myself...50 years ago.

My friends and I had all seen the movie classic "The Great Escape".

We all had bicycles. We all had baseball cards.

All our Moms had clothes pins.

Simply affix a couple baseball cards to the frame of your bike with

the clothes pins and insert them into the spokes.


I. Became. Steve. McQueen.

It's a wonder I survived.

Too bad the baseball cards didn't.

Considering what they'd be worth today,

I could be hoppin' on a Harley myself.

Never mind the blonde.

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