Sunday, July 6, 2014

A patchwork of pictures......

Marianne did the coolest thing a few years ago... She got a piece of

heavy plywood cut to fit our table in the kitchen area, along with a

heavy piece of glass as well.

She then went to work with old photos and new scissors, cutting them

in jigsaw puzzle fashion until the table top was covered.

The glass seals the deal.

Photos of people and places in our lives.

Moments and memories frozen in time.

The triggering of every emotion.

If you're the least bit OCD, the table will drive you wacky because

the photos are set at all kinds of angles.

The beauty of her design is that where ever you stand or sit, you'll

see something that is perfectly aligned to your perspective.

It's time for an update now. More events to chronicle and new friends and

family members to honor.

Every picture tells a story...

The story of us...


  1. You do know "The Story of Us" - as a title - is taken... (love me some Taylor Swift!)

  2. Oh... maybe that was the point... Duh!