Thursday, July 17, 2014

Halloween in July......

"Hey Honey Mama....would you mind fixing me a cup of your trail mix?"

We were on I40 motoring through the mountains and seeing the

signs for Transylvania County and Bat Cave, NC.

Marianne never buys the pre-packaged stuff. Makes her own.

Almonds. Cashews. Sunflower seeds. Raisins.

Healthy stuff.

Ok, and Goldfish. The cracker thingies. Not the swimming thingies. Musketeers. Ways.

And.....full sized M&M's.

And.....she made a lot. was incredible.

To call it Trail Mix is grossly misleading.

I think I'll go with Treat Or Treat Mix.

I think I'm on to $omethin'....  

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