Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The best medicine....

Laughter. Legitimate laughter. Hard to beat.

Shared laughter. Can't be beaten.

Marianne and I have shared a bazillion laughs

in our 34 years together.  We have been known to

have original conversations, but due to the fact that we often

speak in movie lines, our daughter Jessica has declared that

we have no personalities of our own. To which we laugh.

We both know that if we were to just have met, and one were to

introduce the other to "Young Frankenstein" or "The Princess

Bride", or "Best In Show", and the newbie didn't get it....then we would be doomed.

But we both do get them. They are our "Litmus Test Movies".

You probably have a couple yourself. Perhaps "Austin Powers"

or  "The Hangover".

I'm not sure it works with dramas. Maybe it does, but it's much

more fun with comedies.

Laughter is the sticky stuff for us.

Remember: You can't spell laughter without the letters g-l-u-e...

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