Saturday, July 12, 2014

File this one under "Fiction"....

Well, finally...the yard is mowed...Marianne did a pretty good job. Since it was kinda

hot out there, I figured I'd be sweet and turned on the hose for her...That way she

could catch some water now and again without having to come into the house.

No sense trackin' in dirt and grass clippings....She had already vacuumed , swept

and mopped this morning, so I reasoned I was just savin' her from more work....

She seemed real appreciative when I pointed out a few places in the lawn that she 

had missed, and I even offered to tend to them myself next week if need be, but......

she told me not to worry myself about it, and went out and took care of the errors with

a pair of scissors. When she came back into the house, she said that she was probably

just gonna go upstairs and wash off...."No rest for the weary, Sweetie!!!..." I replied. 

"While you were out front fixin' those errors, I was thoughtful enough to light the 

charcoal in the grill...The coals should be perfect right about now!!!...Hope you picked

up a coupla steaks when you went to the grocery store earlier!!!..." She gazed at me

with an expression that could only project how much she loves me...."While you tend

to those steaks, I'll go grab a shower....And, maybe, if you're lucky...I just might shave

as well!!!..."

And then I woke up.....

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