Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Popcorn paws...

There have been seven in our married life.

Missy. Sheena. Schatzie. Fizz. Madchen. Roxy. Sophie.

A Spitz mix. A Golden Retriever. A Golden/Black Lab mix.

A Rat Terrier. A German Shepherd.

A Pit/Chocolate Lab mix. A Goldendoodle.

Each with a personality all their own.

They also shared the traits that are the reasons we love them.

Devotion. Playfulness. Unconditional love.

And the fact that they understand everything that we say.

Scientists tell us that this is not true, but who are you gonna

believe? Some guy in a lab coat or your dog when she goes

nuts because you forgot to spell "walking"???...

All of that and one more thing.

Popcorn Paws.

The pads of their feet smell like popcorn.

Or Fritos. Frito Feet.

Regardless, I love the scent.

You do too.

Maybe you just don't realize it yet.

Go ahead. Smell 'em.

I'll wait...

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