Thursday, May 1, 2014

Where "Shhhhhhhhh..." happens

I reintroduced myself  to an old friend today....

I had to "reintroduce" myself because they had forgotten me.

Yep. I went to the library.

I LOVE books and what they contain.

I LOVE the smell and the silent serenity of that sanctuary.

There were summers in my youth when I think I went to the library just about every day.

I remember being astonished when I learned that a book could be better than the movie.

A great quote I saw not long ago from Frank Serafini..."There is no such thing as a child who hates to read,

there are only children who haven't found the right book..."

I believe that...

I hadn't visited the library in so long that my card was no longer valid.

The patient librarian issued me a new one and I borrowed two books for two weeks...

I also picked up a coupla magazines from the "FREE" bin.

So my friend, I'll be back to see you soon and often.

As another quote I recall says, "One who does not read is no better off than one who cannot read..."

Of course, that would also apply to exercising or eating right, but I'll save those topics for another time...

I've got a book to crack....

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