Saturday, May 3, 2014

Connecting the dots....

Marianne and I attended a benefit event this evening for the Emily Krzyzewski Center in Durham.

The Center provides support for kids that need it. Coach K referenced it as "the soil where they can plant

their roots..."  He talked about going home to Chicago and visiting the house where he grew up, the

playground where his imagination allowed him to see success and to connect the dots that have led him to

where he is today...

We all can do the same. None of us got to where we are without the "soil" into which we've grown our

"roots"...Our parents and siblings, teachers, friends, foes and more have formed us into who we are.

I love to connect the dots of my life. To reflect on those people and events that have shaped me.

I've done well. I couldn't have gotten here without a lot of help. And here's the really cool thing.

There's gonna be more dots.

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  1. I visited my "roots" three weeks ago. It is so good for the soul to do that. I love that I have many "dots" that are still around. Many are not. Also, there is one big Dot, to Whom I owe my very survival.