Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Goin' crazy with colors......

"The new LL Bean catalog is here!!!  The new LL Bean catalog is here!!!"

Well, maybe I wasn't quite THAT excited, but I enjoy perusing the pages.

Something on the "Footwear" pages caught my eye.

The color choices for a pair of hiking boots I liked were...

Black. Autobahn. Detroit.


Autobahn and Detroit are colors???

I had to know, you know?

So, I did the only logical thing.

I called their customer service.

A very friendly lady named Brenda fielded my call.

"Brenda, what color is Autobahn? What color is Detroit?"

As any reasonable human being would do, she LAUGHED.

"Please hold on a minute sir. I want to find that out myself."

After a few seconds, I was speaking with a product expert named Liddy.

She charmingly explained to me that "Detroit" is a light gray, and "Autobahn"

is a dark gray.

Can you imagine that call in reverse?

"What color is dark gray?" "AUTOBAHN!!!"

Anyway, the ladies on the phone were great and lived up to the stellar service

that LL Bean is known for...

But, can't we just keep things simple?

It's all about marketing, I suppose...

But, I do have to wonder.

Would every female I know have been all abuzz about a book entitled,

"Fifty Shades Of Detroit"???

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