Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The classic dilemma......

I had a lot of dilemmas growin' up...

My parents always bought "Neopolitan" ice cream. Chocolate, Vanilla and

Strawberry all in the same container. Not a total dilemma for me.

Chocolate all the way.

Black and white television of the 60's fueled the most internal debates.

Laura Petrie or Samantha Stevens?

Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo or Betty Jo?

Ellie Mae Clampett or Wrangler Jane?

But, by far, the classic dilemma for me and millions of boys like me was...

Ginger or Mary Ann???

One tall and beautiful. One short and super cute. Both WAY overpack

for a three hour cruise.

At first, it was Ginger.

But, there was somethin' about Mary Ann.

Sweet. Unpretentious. And made a mean coconut cream pie.

I decided (at around 11 years old) that Ginger would be a fun date.

But, Mary Ann was a long term deal.

Adult men still have this debate, by the way.

If you doubt me, throw it out for discussion at your next get together...

I've interviewed Dawn Wells several times. By phone, unfortunately.

I thanked her for drop kickin' me through the goalposts of puberty.

It was meant as a compliment, and I think she took it that way.


  1. I use to enjoy hearing you talk about this same thing when you were on the air. And you ended up with your very own Mary Ann. How blessed you both are to have each other!!

  2. and you married your own Mary Ann - a cute, petite brunette :-) By the way, the morning show has fallen apart since your departure!!!