Monday, May 19, 2014

The confusin' "Cloud"....

I guess I've sipped the Kool Aid....

I now have an iPod, an iPad, an iPhone and a Macbook Pro.

I take a photo with my iPhone and it also appears on my iPad.

It's like some kinda magic trick.

I'm told that they "talk" to each other...They "share" things.

I was shocked to see that my iTunes library was on my iPhone,

and I didn't do anything to put it there....

"Oh, it's in the cloud..."

"What cloud?"

"The Apple cloud."

"Where is this cloud?"

"It's everywhere."

"Can I see it?"



"Trust me. It's everywhere."

"Soooooo....The cloud is like Santa?"


OK....My head is poundin'.

I'm a guy who can't find the gallon of milk in the fridge, and I'm suppose to

believe in a magical cloud that is everywhere, and apparently

can do everything.

I have this crazy image of all my songs just floatin' around somewhere.

Can I download my songs if it's a beautifully clear day? Not a cloud in the sky?

What if my iPhone thinks I'm nuts and tells my iPad?

Sometimes I think it's best to not pay any attention to the

Man Behind The Curtain, or Cloud, as the case may be....

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