Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day......

My Mom would wake my brothers and me up in the mornings by singing...

"Oh how I hate to get up in the morrrrrrrrning! Oh how I'd much rather stay in bed!!!!..."

I vividly remember her teaching me to tie my shoes.

To "sound out" my words when I was learning to spell.

Showin' me the correct way to write a check so that a bad guy couldn't drain my account.

Her explanation of "the birds and the bees" still leaves me baffled.  It had somethin'

to do with a "Doodly Doo" and a "Woodly Woo".

The memory is still crystal clear to me of the time I was playing with some friends in

front of my house, and they wanted me to come to their house and play...My Mom stepped

out onto the porch and yelled, "Billy can't leave the yard!!!  He's had a laxative!!!"...

She had no problem exacting discipline. It was never, "Just wait til your father gets home."

It was "AND wait til your father gets home."

She loved our Dad, her sons and everyone...

Dementia took her long before she physically left us.

I know where she is.

I hope they have Wi-Fi in heaven.

I hope she reads this.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

I love you.

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