Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Maybe I should become an archivist....

Donald Sterling and his archivist V. Stiviano...


I'm not laughing at his bigoted and racist ramblings. Certainly not.

I'm laughing at them.

I've read conflicting reports regarding each of their ages, but let's make things simple and

round things off.  He's around 80 and she's around 30.

She's his "archivist".  (Wink Wink)

An archivist is a collector of historical documents and materials.  Doesn't sound like a very

technical or high falutin' job..Maybe it is. I've never known an archivist.

I don't know what he pays her.

I understand that he HAS bought her a $1.5 million home and several luxury cars...

She must be an awesome archivist. And what he does with his billions is his business, I suppose.

Perhaps he needs a mathematician.

He apparently is unaware or does not care that the rule for dating is that a guy can only go half his age plus

seven...   So, at 80, he can date a 47 year old. At the youngest.

Of course, they're not really "dating", 'cause she's just his archivist.



  1. This.... is awesome. Hahahahahahahaha!

  2. Obviously, one thing she does as an archivist, is record every word he says. LOL