Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How hard could it be???....

Harder than I thought. This writing thing ain't easy. Being a goof on the radio was different. I said something into the microphone. Sometimes I moved someone to smile, laugh, cry, think, or get so angry that they would call in and chastise me for using the word "ain't"...."WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE ARE YOU SETTING FOR OUR CHILDREN?!?!?!?"  As one of my female co-hosts used to say, "I'm sorry we're doin' a bad job of raising YOUR child..."
On the radio, I said something and generally, that was that. If I messed up a line or fumbled a word, I'd mentally (and sometimes verbally) kick myself, and then move on...I would realize that not everybody heard it ..But, this writing thing online is different. It's permanent. I get to type it, review it, correct it and tweek it.
Perfect scenario, right?  Nope.  Here's the deal. I have friends who are going to check out this blog. Many of them are.....how might I say this?......oh, yeah, "Grammar Nazis".... They are going to pore over every punctuation. Scan every syllable and spelling. Scrutinize every sentence. Bless their hearts.
The pressure is enormous.
But, you can't please 'em all...
I'm up for the challenge...
In fact, I've intentionally mispelled a word in this post.
Bring it.
I ain't scared...


  1. I confess that I can be a bit of a "Grammar Nazi" - rather, just an excellent proof reader. But not in the context of you typing what you're saying. There is never any scrutinizing. For those poor folks, I agree with you. Bless their hearts. hahahaaaa

  2. You go on and misSpell with your bad self! It's your blog. Lol

  3. You go Bill, let them scrutinize... lol

  4. lol, I agree with the ladies. "mispell" to your heart's content. Be yourself and I know there are stories there to share and I'm looking forward to them!