Thursday, April 3, 2014

And God said, "Let there be...

laughter."  I can't find that reference in the Bible, but I feel pretty confidant in my statement...The thing I wonder about is WHY???.....Not "why" do we have a sense of humor, but "why" is laughter how we express it when we find something funny?  Why a laugh and not a burp? Why a laugh and not scratching your knee? I think I know... It's because that sound is joyous. Infectious. Healing.
Coming in at #1 on most people's list of pleasing sounds is a baby's laugh.
I have no doubt that God has a sense of humor...We all know that joke that goes: "You wanna make God laugh? Just tell Him YOUR plans..."
I remember anxiously awaiting the first time our daughter Jessica laughed at something. I don't remember what it was about, but I know that it was a soul sweetening sound. .And the same with our grandson, Mason. For him at almost seven years of age, anything that has to do with bodily functions is HYSTERICAL.
Growing up watching all the great comedians on TV and buying the albums of Bill Cosby. I would memorize them...I liked impressions. I didn't "do" John Wayne. I "did" Rich Little "doing" John Wayne.
When Jessica started to figure out about humor a bit, she was like most kids I know...Her idea of a "joke" was to ask a question and then whatever the answer she provided was the punchline. "Why did the turtle eat a banana?  Because it's Wednesday!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
She started to get the hang of it though, and when she was around 5 years old I would teach her a joke and we would rehearse it. She would call into the show and set it up...(I seem to remember her rate was a nickel a pop...)
"Daddy, what is a potato's least favorite day?  FRY-day!!!"
"Daddy, why did the cow cross the road? To get to the udder side!!!"
She didn't always understand why they were funny...
"Daddy, can you make a sound like a frog?"
"A sound like a frog? Why do you want me to make a sound like a frog?"
"Because Mommy says when you croak, she and I can go to Hawaii!!!"
I'm not sure that one was rehearsed...  ;-)


  1. Children laughing truly IS one of the best sounds in life!

  2. Oh that was a nice one. no need to croak to come to Hawaii though. Hehe