Saturday, April 26, 2014

I came. I mowed...

I kicked my lawn's grass today. First grass kickin' of the year.

I show no mercy. I take no prisoners. I do not negotiate.

Some of my neighbors like to "overseed" their lawns in the Fall.

Not I. I enjoy the brown lawn of winter. I have zero desire to mow my yard in January.

It's enough of a challenge to get all the Christmas stuff put away by February.

Not only did I kick grass today, but I shaved it as well.

Oh, I'm very aware of all the rules sermonized by the Grass Gurus and Yard Yodas about how high it

needs to be and how you should never cut it too short.

But, on the first cut of the new season, I like to show the yard who's Boss.

It's a form of psychological warfare, and I'm sure that the fine folks at PETZ (People for the Ethical

Treatment of Zoysia) will want to have me charged with yard crimes...

But I know, and the lawn knows that I know, that come August with the 97 degree heat and the humidity

at 100%, and the daily afternoon will exact it's revenge.

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