Saturday, April 12, 2014

Recipe for a great day....

Was thinkin' a lot about my Mom and Pop this morning....They were married 72 years ago in my paternal parents' home. Thinkin' about from where and from whom I come. Thinkin' about where I am. Thinkin' about where I'm bound.
Too much thinkin'. That is, too much thinkin' about myself.
Time spent with family and friends this afternoon served to reroute my reverie.
The manual labor of yard work felt good. Science says that sweating releases toxins from our bodies. I suspect it releases toxins from our spirits as well...
And the laughter....The best medicine of all for me.  There was lots of it today.
Sweating. Laughing. And thinking about others instead of myself.
A pretty darn close to perfect day.

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