Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nothing to write about......

My goal is to write somethin' for this blog every day...After all, if you want to write something good, write more.
It's getting late, and I just told Marianne that I just didn't feel that I have anything to write about.....She replied that I should write about having nothing to write about.
OK....Well, there was that shopping cart left smack dab between our car and another in the Kroger parking lot yesterday. We were all of 13 steps from the "Cart Corral". That annoyed me. But, I know that someone will remind me that the poor offender may have just received an emergency phone call and had to rush to the hospital and didn't have the 27 seconds to spare.
Then there was the promo that the Golf Channel was airing today prior to CBS' live coverage of the Masters. I don't remember what the promo was about because I was too annoyed that the announcer was using a phony Southern accent. Drives me crazy. Aren't there enough REAL Southerners around that they could've found one to voice their spot?  But, I've got to realize that the Golf Channel is based in Florida, and there ain't too many native Southerners down there...
Then there were the politicians on "Face The Nation" today. More "Blah Blah Blah"....Of course, I need to remember that they're just..............politicians. Bless their hearts.

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