Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I recall it semi-clearly. It was a Sunday morning. I was in the 4th grade. My Mom and Dad had gone with another couple to see a movie the night before. In the kitchen that morning, my Dad told me a bit about it. He thought I might like it. The movie? "GOLDFINGER". I saw it and I was hooked. I didn't "get" any of the  sexual innuendo stuff. But I "got" everything else. Here was this guy with a fast car complete with machine guns and an ejector seat. The bad guy's henchman could crush a golf ball with his bare hands and his hat was a flying razor. (I used a Frisbee. I targeted tree trunks but occasionally took out a window...)
I once sat through a "double feature" (Remember those???) of "DR. NO" and "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE"....I will never change my opinion that Sean Connery was and will always be the perfect Bond. I've watched them all, though.
Here's how I rank the actors that played 007...
1) Sean Connery
2) Daniel Craig
3) Pierce Brosnan
4) Timothy Dalton
5) George Lazenby
6) Roger What's His Name
I got very excited in 1995 when Pierce Brosnan was announced as the new James Bond for the movie "GOLDENEYE"....Finally, there was an actor that was close to my age that would be 007.....which meant that "I" could be 007!!!  Hmmmmmm.......Maybe this wasn't going to be a good thing....
Was 007 going to be prone to random naps?
Was he going to lose his reading glasses?
Was he going to be involved in car chases all the while with his left hand turn signal on?
Was he going to forget the password for his iPhone?
I can see the scene in my mind's eye...
"Care for a nightcap, Mr. Bond?"
"Yes. I'll have an orange Metamucil. Shaken, not stirred..."


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  2. You are too funny, Bill Jordan!! Well, not TOO funny, because I don't think there IS such a thing... You are LOTS funny!!!! haha

  3. Sean Connery is THE only true Bond! If he left his turn signal on it would become the newest trend!

    As always, enjoy your perspective and humor :)