Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The very first "clue"..........

I try very hard to not laugh directly into folks' faces...
"Looks like we have a Birthday Boy with us this evening!!!", enthused the male fast food employee.
"Yep. Our grandson is celebrating his seventh birthday today."
"Well little guy, enjoy bein' a kid for as long as ya can!!!"
And with that, he turned to me and said, "Man, I'm gettin' old."
I launched into full interrogation mode. "Really? Feelin' it, are you?"
"Oh yeah. I'm definitely slowin' down."
"Past your peak, huh?"
"Absolutely. High school seems soooooo long ago."
"Yeah, for me too. How old are you?"
"Twenty. Almost twenty one." He said this with a straight face.
I kept a straight face as well. Experience has taught me that the propulsion of root beer through my nasal passages is not a pleasant thing for me or for anyone else in close proximity.
I have jeans older than he is. In fact, I was wearing a pair of 'em that evening.
People have a lot of preconceived notions about the whole "gettin' old" thing. To many, it's a number. For most (I hope) it's NOT "21", but I've heard it about turning 30 or 40. That's just crazy talk.
Some feel the doom and gloom when the need for reading glasses becomes apparent.
For others, it's when you finally start having numerous reading glasses scattered around the house and in your car.
Maybe it's when you need your reading glasses to see that your dreaded AARP application has arrived in the mail.
Let me give you the secret. The first real clue as to when you're gettin' older.
It's that very first morning that you wake up and realize that you have somehow injured yourself in your sleep.
You'll say something like, "Huh. That's odd. My knee worked just fine last night."
Or perhaps, "I must've slept funny. I can't turn my head." Hysterical.
Maybe, "Why can't I put on my socks?"
You'll know it when it happens.
At least you woke up.
Beats the alternative.
And socks? Overrated.


  1. That was funny but also so true. Glad you all had a great night out. I have absolutely climbed out of bed and wondered who assaulted me while I slept. Geez. Aloha!!

  2. I went through a spell when my feet hurt in the mornings. What was that all about? Was I marathon sleep-walking?