Monday, April 21, 2014

Lent....and beyond.

I'm thinkin' that I might be weird. Maybe odd. Perhaps a tad askew.
I, like millions of others, had given up something for Lent. Even though I, being raised as a Southern Baptist, never really "did" Lent growin' up, I've embraced the practice for the last few years. In the past I had given up french fries...or french toast...or anything French.
It's kind of amusing to hear that someone has given up something that really is irrelevant in their life...
"I'm givin' up pizza for Lent."
"That's great. How often do you eat pizza?"
"Oh, maybe once a month."
"WOW."  Quite the sacrifice!
This year I decided to give up ALL sweets. When I gave up ice cream before, I just filled in the hole with candy, cookies and cake. No real loss. But, ALL sweets?  Game changer.
And now that Lent is over I can freewheel it again..Careen into a Candy Coma if I'd like.
Here's the weird part. I don't want to.
I thought I'd be tearin' into the box of Milk Duds in the pantry...And the Oreos...And the "emergency" Girl Scout Thin Mints in the freezer. But...Nothin'.
Has this ever happened to you? Maybe you gave up cussin' for Lent, and just couldn't wait til you could let the expletives fly again. But did you?
Maybe you added something to your life instead of subtracting. That's one of the options of Lent. Perhaps you did volunteer work or served as someone's mentor. It was only for 40 days, and then you could quit. Did you?
I'm down nine pounds. I feel better. It's not about vanity, but,'ll be Speedo season before you know it...

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  1. Make sure Marianne takes a picture of the Speedo and post it. I always found men wearing them hilarious and we all need a good laugh now and then :)