Monday, March 31, 2014

Why a "blog"???....

"Billy is a very bright student, but sometimes talks too much..."  Such was the comment of one of my elementary school teachers on the back of one of my report cards...
At one of my high school reunions a former classmate said, "I remember you. You were pretty smart."  To which I replied, "I think you have me confused with someone else." "Oh yeah", he said. "You always had somethin' smart to say..."  OK, THAT I'll accept.
It seemed quite natural that I would pursue a career in broadcasting. My oldest brother Terry paved the way. Eight years older than I, I would visit him at the stations where he worked, and be amazed at how he could make everything run so smoothly. It seemed like the proverbial three ring circus to me...I got involved in the campus radio station at the University Of Richmond and got infected by the radio bug.
After an almost 40 year run, I hung up my headphones in March of 2013.  Gettin' up at 3:20am for 32+ years has a way of wearin' you down....I loved the notion that everyday was the same, yet different, with new things and experiences to talk about and share...To move people. To make them laugh.
That is still in me. I want to make an impact. To move people. To make them laugh. To make them think.
Let's do this.


  1. Bill,
    The blog is a great way to get back "online". I see this like a "gateway drug" to podcasting or doing Hangouts on google. One day down the road, while doing a live Hangout, it will hit you "Hey, I'm doing radio again, just without the radio". Will enjoy your blog as long as you post!.

  2. So excited that you decided to blog! I've missed you in the mornings, in fact, changed radio stations. I'll be here too, as long as you blog!

  3. Very cool. Glad you're getting back into your groove to reach people.

  4. Bill, this makes me so happy because you, sir, have a very real gift!!! You DO move us. You DO make us laugh. You DO make us think. I cannot wait to "hear" everything that you say via this new adventure!!!

    1. I totally agree with Karen. I, too, changed stations because no one had the rapport with his audience that you did. You made us each feel like we were a special part of the family. Love your blogging so far and look forward to each day with you, Bill. Love your wife as well and her book was awe inspiring.